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Our Guide to
Plant Care

You just bought your first plant yay! We're rooting for you. Look for the plant type below and you'll find its care instructions.

Plant Care


5 Most Common Mistakes
First Time Plant Owners Make

1. Not watering properly. Always check the soil before you water. A wilting, yellowing plant with wet soil is being overwatered. Crispy leaf tips and slow growth means its underwatered.  

2. Not enough sunlight. Although some plants (snake plants, zz plants) can tolerate lower lighting, most plants require bright, indirect sunlight.

3. Unnecessary repotting. Repot only when it begins to slow in growth and dry out quickly. When it is time, repot in a container that is 2-3 inches wider and taller than its current pot. 

4. Neglecting fertilizer. Remember to fertilize your plant in the spring and summer months. 

5. Forgetting to clean the plant's foliage. Because the plants absorb light from their foliage, it's important to keep them clean from dust and pests in your home. 

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